Free RPG Day 2020

For Free RPG Day, 2020, I am pleased to present the adventure of The Unquiet Earth! You can download the adventure at the link below:

The Unquiet Earth is an adventure set in the Senjitsu Jidai during the days of the siege of Osaka. The Oda are building a massive fleet at Yokkaichi, and are pouring massive amounts of air and water pollution into Ise Bay while they do it. This industrial activity is disrupting the balance between man and nature, causing great upheaval among the kami. Their shrine guardians have attempted to intercede with the Oda officials, to no avail. In the meantime, the earth begins to shake. Soon, the spirits’ displeasure will be made known, and the players will have to dive in to rescue a town from an earthquake, a tsunami, and the attacks of several kaiju!

Players can take the role of the champions of the seven major clans of the Kansai region. They may play a poet from the Asakura clan, who are able to bring art to life. They may take the role of a noble samurai of the Azai clan, or a wandering monk of the Ikko-ikki. Or perhaps they will be a hidden ninja from the Koga settlements. They could also be a flying witch from the Matsudaira, using their levitation magic to deliver postal packages and rescue desperate citizens, or play as a shrine guardian of the Kanbe, who use ESPer powers to serve the will of the kami. Finally, they could be a cyborg from the techno-dystopian lands of the Oda, where might makes right, and whose machines make them the mightiest clan of all.

The adventure serves as a preview of the Senjitsu Jidai campaign setting. Each of these clans will be available in the full setting, along with numerous new stunts and antagonists for the Fate Core system. You can follow this blog for more information about the setting as it is developed.

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